GlobalPOS Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that provides high accuracy GNSS solutions to a wide range of markets in Australia and overseas. GlobalPOS takes great pride in being the only high accuracy GNSS specialist in Australia whose sole business interest is providing GNSS solutions.

GlobalPOS has offices in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. The staff at GlobalPOS can always be contacted, whether you are a current client after some advice or you need something by ‘yesterday’.

GlobalPOS has carefully selected world-leading technology which is tough, easy to use and well supported equipment for its GNSS range. Our loyalty to our suppliers provides us with great pricing and, more importantly, exceptional support. Give us a call today!


Why Buy from GlobalPOS Pty Ltd?

GNSS experts

GlobalPOS sell and support only GNSS systems and has 6 RTK support staff Australia-wide to assist you when required, 7 days a week.

Quality of Product

Our product range must meet demanding criteria of in-field robustness, and versatility.

Local Support

Our support is widely regarded as the best and most personal in Australia with offices around Australia.


When delivering your GNSS system we will provide expert training for you and your staff on GNSS do’s and don’ts. We will explain very simply how your GNSS system operates and how to get the most out of it in the field.

Quick Guides

GlobalPOS in-field Quick Guides with screen captures take the stress out of GNSS operation for you and any new GNSS operators.

Equipment backup

GlobalPOS has many GNSS systems available to cover any breakdowns and to keep you working.


GlobalPOS is factory trained to repair Altus, Javad and Septentrio GNSS receivers in Newcastle.

Honesty and Integrity

GlobalPOS has built many long lasting relationships through exceptional honesty and caring attitudes.

Beta Test Site

GlobalPOS is the beta test site for Javad and Septentrio GNSS in the Southern Hemisphere and a beta test site for Carlson Software. We have direct contact to the manufacturers and engineers ensuring the best support possible.


GlobalPOS offers a range of training courses designed to educate GNSS users. These range from GNSS basics to specific Carlson SurvCE programs.