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Our Team

Jane McCallum
0417 923 589

Jane has been in the GNSS industry since 1995 working for Omnistar and in 1996 co-founded Global Positioning Systems (later to become GlobalPOS Pty Ltd in 2000).  Jane has a thorough knowledge of all GNSS systems from hand-held to RTK cm accuracy systems. Her specific expertise in submetre and decimetre solutions has been the backbone of our support on these products, particularly in remote locations.  She has performed GNSS surveys, training and demonstrations around Australia and overseas.  It is her belief that our systems should be easy to use, reliable and have built in redundancy that keeps us striving to deliver great product at an affordable price.

Brad Stephenson

GNSS Solutions Specialist
0439 636 825

Brad has been in the Surveying and GNSS industry for over 30 years. He specialises in RTK cm, decimetre, and submetre solutions, applications and support. Brad has previously worked for world leading GNSS companies and performed sales and support roles throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Middle East. His contacts in the manufacturing of GNSS and data collection equipment worldwide ensures GlobalPOS Pty Ltd provides equipment which is at the forefront of technology, easy to use and the best value for money available.

Evan Bollard

GNSS Solutions Specialst
0429 342 498

Evan has over 30 years experience in the specification, implementation and use of GNSS equipment in all types of high accuracy applications both real time and post processed. A Surveyor by profession who has been involved in the development of major machine control applications from concept through design, prototyping, manufacture and marketing since 1999.

GNSS Solutions Specialist
Machine Control Adviser
Integration & Survey Application

Kerry Pyke

National Sales
0400 435 079

Kerry has over 16 years experience in the Surveying industry and specialises in the use of Total Stations and GNSS systems. Kerry began his land surveying career in Canada, moving to Australia to further his experience in the GNSS industry.  Its also a lot warmer here.  His fun loving nature brings expertise and genuine warmth to our customer relations with both new and existing clients.  He prides himself on providing the best solution in the most cost effective manner for his clientele.

Peter Tanner

WA Technical

Peter became Service Manager at Associated Instrumentation Pty Ltd in 1981, where he was responsible for the repair and service of electronic surveying equipment such as EDM, Total Stations and Lasers.  He has performed development work in areas such as EPROM/PROM programmer, HPIB-based interface and controlling software for servicing Geodimeter instruments.  He also developed custom software applications for surveying and GNSS applications.  Since 1991 he has been involved with the repair, service, and technical support of all types of GNSS and related software.

Diana became Service Manager at Associated Instrumentation Pty Ltd in 1981. Since then She has been involved in repair, technical support, and sales of all types of GNSS.