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“My company has been hiring GNSS equipment from GlobalPOS for many years.  They have always provided excellent round the clock service and advice.  Knowing that their customer service is first-class is reassuring when hiring equipment for field work in very remote locations.  The equipment is reliable but in the unfortunate event of something not being quite right, they are always a phone call away to assist and fix the problem.  I recently hired one of their newer RTK GNSS systems, including receivers and radio antenna/repeaters to extend the RTK signal.  The performance of this equipment exceeded my already lofty expectations of GlobalPOS equipment.  With the addition of the radio repeater, I was able to get RTK signal several kilometres further than what the product specifications stated (total range 15-20 km).  This minimised the number of times I was required to move the base station and improved both efficiency and data quality.  I believe that this excellent result was due largely to the quality of equipment and service that GlobalPOS provides.”

Ben Pearson, Geomorphologist, Hydrobiology Pty Ltd

“I have used the Javad systems for the past 5 years. They have performed well and to date there has not been an issue with the setup. The team at GlobalPOS have always provided an excellent service and customer support.”

Carl Ryan, Senior Regional Surveyor, Abigroup

“I have been working in GIS and remote sensing for more than 20 years. When I needed to upgrade to an RTK GNSS system, GlobalPOS stood out in the GNSS crowd as the only people who new their products and could provide the support my company requires. The Altus APS3 units integrated seamless with my other equipment and software. The guys at GlobalPOS gave me one on one training and we up and capturing data the next day. These units are sturdy, well designed and surprisingly light and they go all day without missing a beat. Our productivity has increased with a simplified setup and capture methodology that still delivers the precision and accuracy of other units twice their price. Switching to GlobalPOS and the Altus gear was the right move for my company.”

Jason Scriffignano, Director Dynamic Spatial Solutions

“Since being shown Javad systems, Javad is the only GNSS I recommend for surveying. I have never had any problems with Javad and can always count on GlobalPOS for first class customer support and service.”

Adam Linstrom, Survey Manager, Precision Survey Group

“I have dealt with Brad and GlobalPOS for several years now. It is because of superior service that i have taken part in the purchase of several Javad and Altus systems within 3 different companies that I have worked for during this time. I would highly recommend dealing with GlobalPOS for all your GNSS needs.”

Andrew McNamara, Daly Smith,  Registered Surveyor, NSW