Effigis EZsurv

Effigis EZsurv


EZSurv®  is a GNSS Post-Processing software that provides reliable and efficient RTK offline solution to improve the accuracy of your survey or GIS mapping data. With EZSurv, you can also access automatically 10,000 base stations.

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Post-processing at your fingertip

Use EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing software:

  • to play back your RTK survey for QA control (Post-Processed Kinematic – PPK)

  • to make corrections to non-RTK GNSS field data (Post-Processed Kinematic – PPK)

  • to calculate high accuracy baseline results (Static and Rapid Static)

  • to significantly improve GIS mapping data accuracy

  • to calculate accurate UAV in-flight positions and to interpolate precisely the position of each camera shots