Eos Arrow Gold

Eos Arrow Gold


Centimeter Accuracy with RTK and/or Atlas

The Arrow Gold is the first high-accuracy iOS, Android, and Windows Bluetooth® GNSS receiver to implement all four global constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), three frequencies (L1, L2, L5) and satellite-based RTK augmentation. The Arrow Gold works with all apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It also supports all planned global satellite constellations as well as all planned signals, giving it an awesome return on investment that will serve you well into the next decade and beyond.

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Introducing SafeRTK®

Never lose an RTK connection again.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stay connected to an RTK network somewhere with poor cell coverage. So what can you do?

Try SafeRTK®, designed for areas with poor coverage.

SafeRTK® is a trademarked feature of the Arrow Gold. When your receiver loses RTK connection, for whatever reason, SafeRTK® takes over. Within just a few seconds, SafeRTK® is enabled, allowing you to maintain an RTK-level accuracy (i.e., cm) for up to 20 minutes while waiting for a reconnection. So you can save time and keep moving. There has never been a smoother RTK experience.

Built-In 4-cm Accuracy without RTK*

No RTK network? No problem!

If you work in an area without an RTK network, you can still get centimeter accuracy with the Arrow Gold, anywhere in the world. By using all four GNSS constellations and satellite signals, the Arrow Gold is able to generate centimeter corrections in real time, with convergence times as low as 15 minutes. This makes the Arrow Gold one of the most powerful centimeter-grade GNSS receivers on the market, at one of the most affordable prices. It is a popular choice among Eos customers.