Javad Delta-3

Javad Delta-3


Continuing our leadership in introducing 12, 76, and 216 channel receivers, now we introduce DELTA-3 receiver with 864 channels along with three powerful processors and program memory in a single chip which uses less power and makes the total system less expensive.

864 GNSS channels of this receiver allow tracking all current and future satellite signals.Delta-3 is the only receiver in the market that can track and decode the QZSS LEX signal messages.

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Delta-3 is a powerful and reliable receiver for high-precision navigation systems,including high dynamics systems,for machine and traffic control,as well as for high-precision surveying and geodynamics and aerogeophysics applications.

Delta-3 can operate as a receiver for post-processing,asaContinuously OperatingReferenceStation(CORS)or portable base station for Real-time Kinematic (RTK) applications, and as a scientific station collecting information for special studies, such as ionosphere monitoring and the like.

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  1. GNSS Receiver with on-board Memory

  2. GNSS Interconnect Board

  3. Communication and Power Ports

  4. On/Off and Function Buttons and LEDs

  5. Reference Converter Board (optional)

  6. External GNSS Antenna Connectors