Juniper Systems CT5

Juniper Systems CT5


Brought to you by Juniper Systems, the Cedar CT5 Rugged Handheld gives you the rugged durability you need at a price that won't make you bat an eye. The CT5 takes on big upgrades over its predecessor to provide you with a new and improved Android® 6.0 operating system, faster, more powerful processing capabilities, longer battery life, greater memory, and more. And with thousands of available apps to choose from, the CT5 is ready and waiting to get to work

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The CT5 is designed for all-terrain data collection and communication, featuring IP68-rated protection against dust and water, and built to withstand accidental drops from up to three feet onto concrete. Its rugged design takes downtime out of the picture, allowing you to get more work done, in less time. For improved productivity and efficiency, get a quote for the CT5 today.


Nothing stops a productive work day like a dead battery. Unlike consumer devices, the CT5 is armed with an oversized battery, ready to tackle even the longest days on the job. Stop worrying about when your device is going to tap out with the CT5’s energy efficient components and impressive battery capacity.


Running Android 6.0, the CT5 provides a sturdy backbone for a wide array of out-of-the-box applications available on the Google Play Store. This broad selection of business-ready apps brings a huge amount of versatility to your data collection needs.


Tired of retreating to shade to see your screen clearly? We get it. Unlike typical smartphones, the CT5’s 4.7-inch display provides enhanced outdoor readability, so you can spend more time getting the job done and less time squinting in the bright sun.


The Cedar CT5 Rugged Smartphone gives you the rugged durability you need at a price that won’t make you bat an eye. Offered at an affordable price with quantity discounts available, the CT5 is ideal for equipping a large crew with rugged phones, or providing a quality product to one or two users. Either way, the CT5 is an obvious economical solution to your Android-based, rugged data collection and communication needs.