Aerial Work Platform Machine Control Systems


Modular aerial work platforms

The modular concept for automating aerial work platforms enables the flexible combination of individual control systems, depending upon the machine. Equipped with a MOBA system, the machine's capacity can be used to the max, yet at the same time, ensuring the safety of personnel and machine.

Modular systems can be quickly combined to form a custom system.

Depending on the machine type, size and degree of automation, various system combinations are possible. Components can generally be integrated at a later time.  CAN Communication makes this possible, without a great deal of wiring work.


Modular System Components

Additional Controls For the Work Platform


The MRW load cell allows an exact and reliable load limitation on aerial work platform. High accuracy caused by compensating the lever arm effect and a lot of other features are the reason why MOBA is a leader in the area of load limitation.

The MRW load cell is the only load-bearing connection between arm and platform. Each MRW weight cell is tested and is able to compensate the temperature effect on the zero point. Because of this the load cell is able to work properly throughout the whole operating temperature range. Like a blackbox, it stores statistical data like overload alarms, working hours and so on. The complete manufacturing is traceable and all relevant information like testdata of the platine, and the load cell is stored in a data base.


The ultrasonic measurement system measures the extension length of the outriggers in Aerial Work platforms for Mobile cranes, that lie within a measurement range of up to 5 m. Located on the chassis, information is transmitted to the Superordinate Control system. Information on the current span width of each individual outrigger is then made available to the machine. This system enables variable stabilization, ensuring maximum utilization of the work platform, concrete pump or mobile crane. Its contactless operating principle, makes it maintenance and wear-free.

The DSM-500 can also be used on the telescopic arm to measure the projection length. The DSM-500 Ultrasonic Measurement system consists of two sensors - a master and a slave. Each of these sensors alternate, acting as both a transmitter, and a receiver, generating two independent measurements.