Bulldozer Machine Control Systems

Bulldozer machine 2D Control System.jpg

GS-506 Machine Control

As a 2D leveling system, the GS-506 offers precise and reliable height and slope control, as well as a high level of flexibility in terms of the choice of sensor and fields of application. This system saves time and money, causing the machine to operate more efficiently.



  • Leveling with references

  • Wide variety of sensors

  • Free mobility in difficult terrain

  • Flexible fields of application

  • Increases efficiency and work speed

  • Higher work quality for earthworks

  • Easily upgraded to 3D



3D Machine Control for Dozer to get better results at road construction

MOBA 3D-MATIC Machine Control System

With the MOBA 3D-matic leveling system, dozers achieve highly precise results. This system is easy to operate and use. The work process is accelerated, making surveying work and manual control measurements are no longer necessary. On the well-organized 7 inch touch-screen display, the driver sees the actual position and the derivation to the digital model. If no project data is availabe, simple profiles can also be created with the system.

Use with total station: precise leveling is possible even where there is no satellite reception (i.e. in tunnels, as only visual contact from the prism to the total station is ensured). With the total station, the system achieves maximum accuracy in the millimeter range.

Use with GNSS sensor: precise leveling is possible even without visual contact, and in all weather conditions. There are no restrictions, since the machine can be flexibly moved in difficult terrain.


  • Works with both the total station and with GNSS

  • Two processors (panel and controller) for maximum performance

  • Intuitive operation

  • Data transfer via USB

  • Robust design

  • Add-on system that can also be retrofitted