Excavator Machine Control Systems


MOBA machine control system solutions for road work and trenching

XSITE® EASY 2D Machine Control

The 2D excavator system Xsite® EASY is the perfect system for starting machine control. This easy-to-use system offers all 2D features for efficient, exact and precise work.

This 2D system measures depth, range and incline of the bucket, as well as depicts the bucket position graphically and numerically on the display.

An additional LED display shows at first glance whether the target height has already been reached, or if needs to be raised, further.


  • Graphical and numerical display of bucket position

  • Works with lasers (for height detection)

  • Shows all data and the bucket position on the display

  • Additional LED display

  • Optionally measures the incline of the bucket with an additional sensor

  • Height alarm provides protection (i.e. working underneath power cables)

  • Retrofittable

  • Ease of operation



XSITE® PRO 3D Machine Control System

With the 3D excavator control system Xsite® PRO, comprehensive functionalities are available. All 2D tasks can be realized and shown graphically and mumerically on the high resolution 8,4 inch touchscreen display. In addition, the Xsite® PRO offers the option of upgrading to 3D, at any time. The GNSS extension must be added, in order for it to be able to work in 3D.

The operator creates a model with several levels, inclining on the comfortable, 8.4 inch display. 

The 3D excavator control system records depth, incline and range of the excavator bucket, depicting the position on the graphic display.

This 3D excavation system also offers an introduction to 3D machine control by means of a software extension. This can be used to create simple 3D profiles with the excavation system. Alignment of the machines is determined with the GNSS compass

Documentation of the work progress is made possible throughout the process. This system can be used during pipe or cabling installation, documenting competed layers, dredging or slope construction.


  • Convenient 8.4 inch touch-screen display

  • Creation of 2D profiles directly on the system

  • Extensive 2D functionalities

  • Shows all data and the bucket position on the display

  • Additional LED display

  • Optional sensor for bucket angle measurement

  • Remote support

  • 3D upgrade available




The Xsite® PRO ADVANCED excavator control system is perfect for complex projects. When 3D data is available, it can be taken over fast and easily. The system allows an efficient and precise realization of model data.

Includes extensive 3D functionalities. 3D terrain models can be imported via common file formats, used without time-consuming conversion.

With two GNSS sensors, both the position and the alignment of the machine, are known at all times so that precise working is possible. The possibility to save points allows you to document the working process. The work log is sent to the office via an Internet connection or USB stick. Remote support is available in the event of questions.


  • High-resolution 8.4 inch touchscreen-display

  • Two GNSS antennas for positioning and machine alignment

  • DTM and roadlines

  • 3D visualization

  • 3D data import and use without conversion

  • Wireless data transfer via server

  • Documentation of the work results

  • Remote support