MOBA Mobile Automation AG

MOBA Mobile Automation AG has been an established name in Mobile Automation for more than 40 years. Their know-how and years of experience in automation technology, distinguish tem globally as recognized by experts in the development and production of machine control systems, identification, mobile weighing technology, and flexible software solutions.


Moba solutions for mobile machines

Moba machine control solutions are used to perform complex tasks requiring mobile machines, including those that operate reliably and precisely even under harsh conditions. The electronics in every MOBA product is protected against vibrations, dust, heat and moisture,  by a special sealing Technology. This sturdy "housing", provides additional protection to the electronics located inside.

The operability of each individual machine control is perfectly matched to mobile automation.  Specific requirements are depicted as clearly visible on the display, with a well-designed menu navigation, offering simple, convenient and uncomplicated operations.