Moba Vision 3D Wheel Loader

Moba Vision 3D Wheel Loader


VISION 3D machine control system for wheel loaders improves working efficiency and reduces surveying costs. The blade position can be defined in accuracy of a couple of centimeters with the aid of sophisticated CAN-bus based sensors and GNSS satellite positioning.The indicating systems informs the operator to maintain the correct grade during the working cycle. The machine position is graphically shown to the operator and the numerical information indicates the blade height compared to the wanted grade.The operator can select optimal view angle to the particular working situation amongst the many available viewing choices.

The control measurements can also be done using Vision 3D system. With one touch the operator can store a control point and he can also enter a predetermined code to the point for later analysis. With the aid of wireless internet connection the operator can load the design files directly from the office and he can as well send the control measurements back to the office.

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  • Sunlight readable touch screen display

  • 2X USB connection

  • Options for video camera inputs

  • Can-bus sensor

  • Internet remote service

  • Internet data communication

Satellite positioning

The machine position is obtained using RTK satel­lite position system. With the RTK positioning system the antenna position can be located within accuracy of a couple of centimeters. Today the most commonly used systems can combine the GPS and GLONASS satellites. This is known as GNSS RTK positioning system. VISION 3D can support the most common GNSS suppliers like TopCon, Trimble, Leica, Sokkia etc.


Not only for Wheel Loaders..

VISION 3D is designed to be used in the most common construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, graders etc. Even the same control unit can be moved to the machine where it is mostly needed, only the sensor can be permanently installed.

One antenna or two antenna system

Vision 3D for wheel loaders can be used either with one GNSS antenna or dual antenna system. If exact position measurement is needed only when the wheel loader is moving along straight line forward or backwards then one antenna system is sufficient.The dual antenna system gives the exact heading information in all situations, even when driving along a circular path.

System components