Built For Simplicity, Tested For Durability

The NextCore UAV-based LiDAR system is the worlds first cost-effective, truly turn-key aerial LiDAR solution.


Simple and Powerful Workflow

Connect & Fly

The unit connects to the DJI M600 vibration isolator mounts (3 minutes) plug in power and connect to the DJI API port (optional). You are now ready to fly, no calibration required!

Upload & Process

Once landed, remove USB, open NextCore Fusion on a laptop and set parameters for processing, Add GNSS data from your chosen base station or subscription service (RINEX). Click process.

Download & Deliver

Once processing is complete (3 times flight time) your .LAZ is ready for viewing and delivery.



Truly Turn-Key

NextCore is specifically designed to create perfect LiDAR point clouds, every time. No complicated software or convoluted workflows needed.

Cloud-Based Automated Post-Processing

Automated Cloud post-processing of NextCore data removes the need for additional software and IT infrastructure to generate and manage LiDAR data.

Easily Integrated Across Drone Platforms

NextCore is a self-contained data capturing tool.

Fast Data Turnaround

Automated QC and cloud-based post-processing allows the NextCore system to have processed data ready for use, often before you’re even back in the office.

Accessible LiDAR

NextCore uses cutting-edge technology reducing the cost of capturing and processing high-quality spatial data.

Automated Capture of High Quality Spatial Data

Combining NextCore with the flight planning app of your choice allows you to capture perfect spatial data at the push of a few buttons.


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