SECO Traverse Kit -34MM

SECO Traverse Kit -34MM


rism holder is all metal with a standard Swiss type push button quick release that will also work with all Swiss type poles.

  • Target is reversible for short or long range applications

  • Rotating adapter has a 2X magnification optical plummet with a plumbing accuracy of 0.5mm/1.5M with a 45" sensitivity adjustable plate vial.

  • Tribrach is a high precision model with torsional rigidity <1". Circular vial is 8 minutes per 2 mm of movement.

  • Height of the assembly is 196mm,+,-0.5mm from tribrach dish to prism center.

  • Prism: 62mm , offset: -34MM, copper coated

  • Carrying case is a bright orange hard shell with high density foam inserts and backpack straps.

  • Weight 9.95 Lbs

Ref: 2159-06

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