Septentrio Mosaic

Septentrio Mosaic


Septentrio mosaicTM, a multi-band, multi-constellation receiver in a low power surface mount module with a wide array of interfaces, designed for mass market applications like robotics and autonomous systems, capable of tracking all Global Navigation Satellite System constellations supporting current and future signals. With unique built-in AIM+ technology for interference mitigation, Septentrio is offering a performance benchmark in mass market GNSS positioning building blocks.

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Interference robustness

mosaicTM features Septentrio's AIM+ technology, the most advanced on-board interference mitigation technology on the market. It can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed jammers. The RF spectrum can be viewed in real-time in both time and frequency domains.

Ultra-low power design

mosaicTM provides RTK positioning at the lowest power consumption of any comparable device on the market.


mosaicTM comes with fully-documented interfaces, commands and data messages. The included RxTools software allows receiver configuration, monitoring as well as data logging and analysis.

Key features

  • Small in size, big in performance

  • All-in-view satellite tracking: multi-constellation, multi-frequency

  • Best-in-class reliable and scalable position accuracy

  • AIM+ unique interference monitoring and mitigation system

  • Industry-leading ultra-low power consumption

  • Easy-to-integrate, optimised for automated assembly