Submetre Systems

The submetre systems available from GlobalPOS are comprehensive mapping/GIS data acquisition systems that feature flexible real-time solutions. We use a range of data collectors and software to cater for all of your submetre requirements.


Submetre systems – Powerful and versatile

These revolutionary products are designed to increase productivity and efficiency in the field by providing the best possible backup and service from the only Australian company who deals exclusively with Global Navigation Satellite Systems. The following features and benefits outline the products and backup contained in the packages available.

  • Full training is provided for all of our equipment. Users can be trained on job specific applications getting the job done more efficiently.

  • Spare equipment is always supplied making field diagnostics easy and reducing downtime. Replacement equipment can be sent overnight in most cases. All remote rental equipment is delivered a day early to allow users become familiar with its operation before using it in the field.

  • GlobalPOS has developed its own range of quick guides to ‘keep it super simple’ out on the job.

  • Should you need additional help, or in the unlikely event of equipment failure, support staff can always be contacted on our national toll free number.

  • Seven day support.

  • The submetre options will provide for a horizontal accuracy of less than 1 metre and a vertical accuracy of less than 2.5 metres.

  • With AMSA beacons and OmniSTAR and Terrastar real-time options, only one receiver is required. In addition, with three different real-time solutions to pick from, you’ll always get real-time results. Since the corrections are all internal, there are fewer cables, making it a lightweight, rugged, field solution.

  • The systems will work as long as you do with enough battery power to last a full day, 12 hours.


Submetre receiver kits typically include

  • GNSS integrated receiver

  • Combined GNSS and L-band antenna

  • Antenna cable (1.5m)

  • Spare Antenna Cable (3.5m)

  • Antenna magnetic Mount

  • Backpack with pole

  • Batteries x 2

  • Charger x 2

  • Power cable x 2

  • Quick Guide

  • Protective Shipping Case

  • 12 months OmniSTAR VBS subscription

  • Optional Bluetooth capabilities

  • Satellite planning software

  • 12 Months Service and backup

  • Field Training